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How to Protect Yourself from the Inevitable Coming Economic Reset in 2019

The world, including the United States, Canada, and Australia, is set to face a major economic depression that could even supercede the Great Depression of the late 1920’s, according to Harry Dent of Trends Forecasting, and he blames 2 main factors to support his theory.

The first is demographics. Simply put, in most major developed countries around the world, aging people aren’t having as many children as they used to and people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s don’t make as much money and they don’t spend as much either. On top of this, they are now all starting to draw on the entitlement and social security benefits of their governments.

The second is the massive amount of debt. Government debt, consumer debt, and corporate debt are now reaching their highest combined levels in history, encouraged by the fiscal stimulus central banks in developed nations poured into the economies after the height of the financial crisis of 2007 – 2008.

How the Debt Bubble Has Fed the Everything Bubble Destined to Crash the Economy Once Again

All the zero interest rates lending has done is pump printed money into the prices of various assets- housing, stocks, farmland, and even exotic pieces of art. But with the eventual lack of buyers able to afford these pricy items coupled with the deleveraging of all these markets due to rises in interest rates and natural corrective forces in the market, the day of reckoning soon approaches where there will inevitably be more sellers than buyers, as we are seeing in the housing market, and prices will go back to fair value- like it or not.

Dent says that central banks the world over have increased their balance sheets by 16 Trillion USD dollars and bought up their own bonds and securities and dropped interest rates to zero, which will bring in a massive deflationary spiral.

A More Accurate View of the Stock Market and the Real Economy


Starbucks is seeking to close an additional 150 stores in the coming year. Sears is officially dead. Facebook stock has taken a dive, because their income is derived from selling advertisements, and advertisers stop buying ads when the demand for sales drops on the consumer end.

General Motors has also made plans to lay off 11,000 workers and discontinue several lines of cars. About the only companies doing well in this economy have been Dollar Stores, which should be a telling indicator for anyone who realizes that no economy can grow based on what people buy at an establishment on par with a thrift store.

What You Can Do Right Now To Protect Your Money, Savings, and Retirement

If you are still in the market or have a stock-heavy traditional IRA, 401K or Roth IRA, look into getting a Tax-Friendly, Gold IRA Rollover to put away a significant portion of your money into a hard asset that on a timeline big enough, has never lost and will never lose its value because it is not able to be printed, unlike paper, QE, stimulus, and all other kinds of clever financial manipulation used by the government and central bankers of the world.

gold ira investment information

Remember, precious metals tend to go up when everything else drops in price. This is why if you would have bought gold immediately around the Dot Com bust in the early 2000’s, you would have seen amazing gains up until 2013 where the price has remained relatively flat for the last 5 years, but will not for much longer considering the economic realities that will be addressed whether people, the media, or the government like it or not.

Why My College Professors Had to Work an Extra 10 Years After the Last Recession


Sleeping With Your Dog is So Good For You Both, Here’s Why

Why Sleeping With Your Dog is Good for You

No doubt one of the big reasons people own pets and especially dogs is because they love having a big furry friend that they can give hugs to, play with and then relax into an evening of cuddling. Many people with depression or anxiety, even insomnia- may find real benefits of sleeping with their dog in the bed with them.

Is it dirty? That depends on how dirty your dog is, really. And your own personal spectrum of cleanliness. I myself enjoy camping and the great outdoors so sleeping clean or dirty is always an option for me. Especially when there’s my furry best friend involved.

benefits of sleeping with your dogMy dog loves sleeping in the same room with me, and balances out time on the bed with going to what I call his “hound hole”, which is inside his crate where a comfy dark lair of blankets awaits him. My dog enjoys waking me up in the morning by flopping right down next to me in bed, and getting some cuddles in before laying down the guilt trip of “why have you not taken me for my morning walk yet?”.

When Sleeping with your Dog is Bad for You

Sometimes sleeping with your dog can be bad for you. When the dog gets too big for the bed or forces you into awkward sleeping positions, you can opt to get the dog his own bed floor-side near your bed, so that you both still have togetherness without encroaching on each other’s vital sleep space.

The feeling of security that you get sleeping next to your dog is also a comfort that people seek. However, sometimes your dog can be an excessively alert type and be given to common dog behavioral problems and issues of whining and barking, which can also be a problem for your neighbors and fellow tenants.

Still, for the most part people and studies report that even sleeping in the same room, if not in the same bed, can produce greater levels of comfort and good feelings when going to sleep with their dog.

Why Sleeping with your Dog is Best!

stopping common dog behavioral issues and problemsIt would be awfully selfish and shortsighted to only consider ourselves. And it’s also why sleeping with your dog in the same room is really good for your dog too. Many people find that if they try to leave their dog alone or in a separate closed off room at night, their dogs will experience separation anxiety and start to feel disoriented and confused, even panic a little. Your dog views itself as an important part of your life and family unit, so it expects to have equal housing status when the lights go down.

Allowing your dog to sleep near you not only increases the real and perceived safety of your dog, it can be the cure for your dog whining or barking at night and his separation anxiety.