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One American Living in a Tent on the Coast of Croatia: New Non-Fiction Books

American Traveling the World, Carrying All His Stuff in 2 Backpacks, on Foot, Reveals All

Nothing like sleeping underneath the stars. And doing your laundry in the sea. When you just go man, the details tend to work themselves out.

This is a chapter out of my book which I wrote while hiking and off-grid camping on the coast of the southern part of Europe. After being cooped up for so long during the spring and summer seasons due to the “pandemic”, I figured a little sunshine and sea mist could do me good, even if it meant sleeping in a tent.

So I set out to one of the few countries that would still let an American in during the worldwide lockdown: former Yugoslavia.

Who Doesn’t Want to Get Away to Crystal Clear Seas and Sunny Beaches?

new non-fiction travel and adventure books

In “Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic”, I spent long stretches of days camping outdoors while hiking down the coast of Croatia.

It involved a lot of stealth, bottled water, and a healthy sense of adventure and flexibility as I explored nature and various towns and villages a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean.

What did I encounter? Well, first of all, people really seem to resent Americans, though people can’t stop asking me where I’m from.

Next, morning alcoholism is not frowned upon. Nay, it is rewarded. Sound like your type of place yet?

I should mention it’s post-communism alcoholism, not 100% vacation and exotic locale styled alcoholism. So, it’s the sort of beer drinking that people do because they have to, not because they get to.

All that and more in my new book.

Hope you’ll check it out!


“Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide ‘Pandemic'” – New non-fiction travel/adventure books