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[Sticky] Why don’t I see angel numbers?

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There are a few reasons why you might not be seeing angel numbers. One possibility is that your angels are trying to communicate with you in a different way. Another possibility is that you’re not paying attention to the numbers around you.


If you want to start seeing angel numbers, pay attention to the numbers around you throughout the day. See if you can spot a pattern or meaning in the numbers. You may also want to ask your angels to communicate with you through numbers. 




 Some people see angel numbers frequently, while others never see them. Or, your angels could be trying to send you a message, but you're not interpreting it correctly. 


 With a little bit of effort, you may start seeing angel numbers more frequently. 




 Keep a journal and note when you see repeating numbers. Also, start paying attention to the time when you see the number, as this can be a message from your angels. 


Some people see angel numbers more frequently than others and it may just be a matter of having a little more awareness. If you’re not seeing any numbers at all, don’t worry, the angels will still find a way to get their message to you.

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