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How to Make More Money in Tips Waiting Tables or Bartending

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People, especially college students, often turn to waiting tables and bar tending to support themselves. Knowing how to make good tips can really make a huge difference in their income then.

Besides, who doesn’t like receiving extra money while being on the job? Playing your cards right can help you pocket some extra bucks every day/night.



Around 20 States follow the $2.13 every hour minimum wage for tipped jobs. Let’s face it, this is barely- making- it- kind of money which increases the need to get a steady good tip.

We’ve listed some great tips to get help you lock in more tips: (Great word play, right?):

Key Tips to More Service Industry Tips

1.Share an (unawkward) Moment When Receiving Customers

Asking them about their day or making a little comment regarding the weather can help you in getting a higher tip. But don’t put them on the spot too much. It has to be the right combination of attention while respecting their privacy. Customers like attention and their privacy, so give them just that.

2.Increase Your Customer’s Total Bill Amount

We know that this sounds obvious but there’s a little trick to it.

When your work place is having a busy day/ night, don’t try to make your customers order more. Keep it effective to increase the bill size, but not enough to slow down customer turnover. However, do not skip steps of service, which include offering dessert and coffee.

Always offer your guests the best, and don’t rush them. By going through the steps of service properly, you will automatically move them through the dining process while maximizing the opportunity to be make money.

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3.Connect with Your Customer by Smiling and Using Their Names

Polite behavior with a helpful outlook can really make a big difference for waiters and bartenders. Try to strike a conversation with them and learn their names, and use them strategically. Treat them as your superior by using Mr./ Ma’am depending on their age. This will make them feel more comfortable in your presence.

However, don’t overdo it. Nagging isn’t appreciated by anyone.

Pro Tip: When your customer offers their credit card, take note of their name. Thank them by using their names, when you return the card later.

4.Incorporate Short Entertaining Antics When You Have Their Attention

If you’re a waiter then cracking a joke to get them to like you, can work wonders. This will help relax the environment and everybody loves a good laugh. If you’re a bartender, you can showcase your liquor mixing talent or do a little bottle flipping stunt which can impress the customer.

Remember to only do this when you’re good at it. Bad jokes or bad bartending stunt skills will only lead to awkwardness.

5.Draw or Write Something Cute on the Bill

You may find this a little childish but studies have proven this method to be quite effective. Writing a thank you or loved having you over can make the customer feel valued. Even drawing a little smiley face can be very helpful to get extra tips.

Little efforts coupled with a smiling face and polite mannerisms can help you ensure great tips with every customer. Waiting and bartending requires dedication and hospitable behavior at all times, and if you can take care to employ the above methods in your work routine, your wallet will be a little heavier in the long run.

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How to Make More Money in Tips Waiting Tables or Bartending