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Easy Ways to Make Your Airbnb Home Feel More Natural and Improve Your Guests’ Mood

beautiful airbnb rental home success host guide

Airbnb is still doing everything it can to take over the online short-term room rental and hotel market, which means greater exposure to the average consumer and increased competition among Airbnb hosts vying for business.

Good reviews and long-term repeat business should be the top priorities of someone just getting started renting a home or room out on Airbnb, but aside from avoiding common complaints, Airbnb hosts can add very small, inexpensive touches to create an experience, not just rent out a mundane room.

Big Returns from Small Investments: Making Your Airbnb Shine Naturally

indoor plants for home decor that require low light
Did you know that adding some natural decorations to your home or living room like live plants can result in big, positive changes to your mood, health, and design aesthetic? It’s not very difficult to do, and you can find plants that require less light than usual. Plants can help people reduce stress and relax, filter toxins out of the air, as well as turn a sterile room into a green getaway or an inner city oasis.

Using handmade Macrame plant hangers can add an interesting vibe, mixing the handcrafts with natural elements at a very cheap price. Plant hangers are great because they work great indoors and outdoors, from the patio to the living room, or near the window in the kitchen overlooking the backyard. They’re a fantastic, easy way to create a sense of space in your den when placed near a wall with an oil painting and featured lighting.

Another cheap option is to get some fresh flowers for your guests. Some guests are bound to notice a unique, small perk like that and leave you a glowing review.

When achieving that natural feel using basic materials, you can’t beat the go-to wood or brick. When used strategically, you can place brick as a focal point on a wall, leaving the masonry exposed to plain view for an amazing visual effect. It’s kind of funny because on one hand, it’s just the wall missing the solid paneling on the outside of it, but it just works, especially when you layer over it with a light fixture.

A lot of people enjoy upcycling. If you can find a classic and rugged piece of wood or some wooden crates you can create your own end tables or coffee table like this one.

upcycled coffee table makes a great natural home decoration idea

Adding a Natural Decor to Your Home or Rental

All in all, it isn’t that hard to add a few natural elements to a living space to add some vibrance, and this idea should carry over to your rental business as well. Also, if you’re going to be upgrading your rental to enhance the guest experience, you might as well do the same for yourself to really see and believe the benefits firsthand.

Not only will you have more success on Airbnb, but you’ll be able to upgrade your own decorative style and home experience. And of course, you always run the risk of impressing someone, even if it’s just yourself!

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Make sure to keep up on the current trends. For instance, with more people working remotely than ever now from home, from a computer in a hotel room (like me), or while relocating to the country to escape the increasing insanity of big city life, your guests will certainly appreciate a nice workstation or place to sit, focus, relax and get things creative and productive things done.